Traveling with Kids: Making Road Trips Fun and Creative

Family road trip

Road-Trip! These two words are NOT my favorite, lol. Actually, they give me immediate stress. Then I say “Okay, I can do this.”  Before the road trip I automatically think of what to bring and or make before we take off.  I try to include some fun educational things for the kids to do, like bring my Chit-Chat-Jar that I wrote about a few posts ago. You can take a word out of the jar and talk about it during the ride. Here are some ideas that worked for me:

  1. Story time. Think of a word! Then each kid has to make a story about it. Anyone can think of the word, and it can be restricted to a certain subject as well.
  2. Word games. Start with a word that begins with an “A”. Then the next person has to think of a word that ENDS with the letter of that word and so on. Keep it going, always with the last letter of the word. I love this one, honest.
  3. Exclusive interviews. This is so FUN! Let the kids use your phone to record videos and have them conduct interviews with each other. They can take turns, having one asking the question and the other being the hero/star/celebrity, etc. You get it. You will crack up on some of the Q&A. Just leave them be and let them have a blast. It’s even more fun playing the video later in the evening.
  4. Take a break. Last, the old standard. Pop in a movie, or have some electronic games and apps on hand. Yes, this is a must and not my favorite, BUT you have to have some time to yourself. I do ask the kids questions after the movie though. Example: Thumbs up or Thumbs down? Tomato or Slime? What was the plot of the movie? What character did you like best? Lastly, I ask them to write or tell me about the movie in the form of a synopsis. Then they will ask, “What does synopsis mean?” Lol… then they learn a few new words.

Well, there you go.  Just a few ideas that are fun, silly, and enhance your kids’ thought process and imagination while on the road.

About ADK Story Books

Angel Krishna is a fun-loving mom, a great friend and wife with a silly side, who believes that imagination is a gift. She loves when children tell a story, how their eyes widen, their hands move every which way and their voice fills with excitement. Angel encourages parents to listen to their children and to communicate with an open mind and a full heart. She reminds herself and those around her to enjoy life, always move forward and be creative.
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1 Response to Traveling with Kids: Making Road Trips Fun and Creative

  1. I love the idea of having kids interview each other! An old standby we always played on road trips (once my girls were old enough) was spotting license plates; our trip to Mt. Rushmore was the most lucrative—we spotted them from 48 of the 50 states, including Alaska. You could also make this a competition and include bonus points for the person who correctly names the state capital for each state.


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