Self-publishing Picture Books with Angel Krishna: The Hindsight Interview

Angle Krishna Hindsight Interview

Originally published on Hindsight

Did you leave a job to become an Entrepreneur?

No, I did not.

What is the name of your current project / company?

Gabby’s Space Adventure!

Please describe for us in 1 sentence your current project.

Gabby’s Space Adventure is a picture book about a hippo that wants to go to space and won’t let anyone tell her she can’t do it!

Where did the idea of your current project come from?

I think it’s important for kids to go for their wildest dreams and believe in themselves, even when the odds are against them.

Why do you do what you do?

I’m a mom, and although my children are almost all grown up, I still love to tell stories that teach little ones important values in life.

What’s the one thing you wish you could go back and tell your younger self?

Education is key! Listen and learn. Does this sound a bit cliché? It may, but this is what I would tell my younger self. Look, whether it be traditional college or a different avenue, you must gain knowledge by learning. I feel I should have listened more instead of jumping first. I have learned certain skills and knowledge because I learned to listen then act on the information I received. Be creative in learning, don’t just be that classroom student. Be that person that takes initiative and seeks other ways of hands on learning. Make those connections that will teach you something in real time. Also, please use your common sense in life (hoping you have common sense). Please forgive me if I sound rude. Your knowledge and common sense gives you the upper hand in life; It really does! Last, be creative don’t be that rule follower. I understand there may be certain times you must follow the rules but hell, please think differently by being creative. What you learn is something you can always pass on to another person; please do so.

What’s the most important piece of advice would you give to someone just starting?

Be persistent and detailed oriented. Also, have a hawk’s eye when viewing your work. Then have someone else look at your work that has the ability to see what you may have missed. I write children’s books. In the process, I know I have to be patient, detailed-oriented, creative and have a great imagination. I know I have all the skills but being patient is lacking, lol… Find help! Writing a children’s book is a long process and thensome. If you have the idea of a book in your head, start writing your worlds, no matter if it’s a scattered mess or spot-on. Write the words! Trust me, you will make changes up till the last image is complete. It may be a word, a sentence or a tweak on color, etc.

What is the hardest thing you have had to do regarding your business?

Staying creative and positive. Writing children’s books is a marathon, not a sprint. In this business, it’s a lot inhales and exhales. Head back looking up to the ceiling with hands over your face then saying ok, keep going, I can do this. Whoever may be reading this? You may be thinking “come on, staying positive and creative is the hardest thing regarding your business”. Well, ah, yes! In this creative business of children’s books or any book, you have to stay consistent on your marketing and be creative so people stay engaged and find you intriguing and interesting in hopes they will a purchase of your book. The main goal here is, selling your books, but you can’t do this if you don’t do what I wrote above. I truly believe my children’s books are fantastic and have an outstanding valuable lesson for kids regarding communication, helping others, and always shooting for the stars! Don’t let anyone tell you can’t do it.

What does your typical day look like?

Ok, giggling… not very glamorous. Every day is different. One day may be laundry, cleaning the kitchen, bathrooms, changing sheets on the beds, etc. Other days may be helping someone with their book and guiding them. Uber mom, lol… driving and picking up kids. Social media and marketing. Knocking on doors to get book reviews, really… some of this I do all in one day. Also, I cook dinner pretty much every night except Fridays. Fridays, I take off and we order in or go out. During all this I am thinking about what can I do to sell more books? I believe in my work but I am constantly thinking of ways to get my name out there. Last, I do take time out to sit and relax because if you don’t you will burn out.

If you were to start again, and could change one thing, what would it be?

Going indie from the get-go. I signed with a publisher, but it was not what I thought it would be. I really didn’t get much support when it came to marketing, creative thinking, social media, etc. I was doing this all on my own and thensome. They were taking 85% but no support.

What is the most important thing in life?

Liking yourself! Ugh, right… nope! Look, when you come to reality of who you really are and accept it, your half way there. Deal or don’t, but just find what you love about you. Yes, make changes as you move forward in life and stick with it. There are some things I love about me but of course their things I don’t like. Don’t dwell and continue on or you will drain yourself.

What is one problem you encountered as an entrepreneur, and how did you overcome it?

Knowledge of my craft. I learned what I could and when I could. My brain was on overdrive, thinking of who can I ask for help, how do I get to that person, who do I know that can help? In the meantime, I was googling how too, what too, when too, etc. I purchased a few books as well. I did get to the correct person to guide me and man-o-man she was a gift from Christmas future, lol… I say Christmas future because she educated me on what I needed to know immediately which saved me time and energy into the future. Today, she is now asking me to help others who want to write and create a children’s book. I’m honored!

Tell us something unique about yourself.

Hmmm. . . Well, I have this unique way of seeing things differently rather than the traditional way. Does this make sense? What I’m saying is, I can fix a problem or situation in a different way rather than the obvious ordinary by-the-book way. Sometimes by-the-book does not work. You must always be a creative thinker! I love using my imagination which makes me think differently when solving certain issues or snags. I usually have a scenario for situations that may come forth. Please understand I’m not trying to sound like “all that and a bag of chips” I have noticed this about myself, but truth is, other people have told me this many times.

About ADK Story Books

Angel Krishna is a fun-loving mom, a great friend and wife with a silly side, who believes that imagination is a gift. She loves when children tell a story, how their eyes widen, their hands move every which way and their voice fills with excitement. Angel encourages parents to listen to their children and to communicate with an open mind and a full heart. She reminds herself and those around her to enjoy life, always move forward and be creative.
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