Picture Book Release! “The Gu-Glee-Goos of Christmas”

Glu Glee Goos of Christmas Chiledren's Story Book by Angel Krishna

My new book is out. Order now for the Christmas Season!

We are thru Gu-Glee-Goos of Christmas! We come from a land of helping hands; as we spin and sparkle into place, we fix and mend all unfortunate Christmas breaks.

Now available at:


Barnes and Noble


About ADK Story Books

Angel Krishna is a fun-loving mom, a great friend and wife with a silly side, who believes that imagination is a gift. She loves when children tell a story, how their eyes widen, their hands move every which way and their voice fills with excitement. Angel encourages parents to listen to their children and to communicate with an open mind and a full heart. She reminds herself and those around her to enjoy life, always move forward and be creative.
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1 Response to Picture Book Release! “The Gu-Glee-Goos of Christmas”

  1. Deanie Humphrys-Dunne says:

    This is my first visit to your site. I also am a children’s author and if you’d like to visit my website to learn about my books please stop by here: http://www.childrensbookswithlifelessons.com.


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